"Health is beauty"
OMNIA AQUA is a filtration system for the purification of drinking water, with a 5+2 filtration formula and CAL-MAG technology. This filter was developed in cooperation with the experts from the laboratory for physical chemistry of the “Vinca” Nuclear Sciences Institute.

Aware of the significance of the optimal ratio of minerals in drinking water when it comes to health of the organism as a whole, we have created the OMNIA filter, which enables such a balance of minerals.

“Health consists in moderation, in the balanced ratio of minerals in the organism” say the experts. We, in accordance with our own motto, add to that:

“Beauty is in health!”

    Authentic OMNIA contours!

    OMNIA AQUA FILTRATION SYSTEM – it is a high-quality product which, by its appearance and characteristics, represents the real gem. OMNIA AQUA, scientifically developed and approved filtration system, is designed to give you an impression it is part of the tap.

    The filter has a cylindrical shape, a width of approximately 4,5 cm (4,5 cm on the upper part and 4 cm on the lower part) and a length of 6,5 cm. The lid and the cover of the filter have a silver color, while the body is milky white with slightly wavy contours, which provide the filter with a sophisticated look.

    Specific design and careful choice of materials make "Omnia" water filter ideal solution that provides high-quality drinking water.

    Some of the OMNIA water filter features are:

    • Purified water of chlorine, heavy metals;

    • Destroys microbes, microorganisms;

    • Removes organic dirt;

    • Removes odors, tastes and coulors;

    • Provides the ideal balance between magnesium and calcium:

    • Healthy heart

    • Strong bones and healthy teeth


    5+2= Health

    OMNIA AQUA FILTRATION SYSTEM consists of the body, lid, cover, rubber, safety netting, and the OMNIA cartridge. In the cartridge (the essence of the filter) there are 5 layers with different filtration purposes: three cloth layers made of microbiological threads, between which is a layer of activated charcoal and a layer of adequate Zeolit. Next to these layers, two foils are also implemented in the cartridge: silver foil and gold foil. The combination 5+2 represents the golden formula for achieving the desired effect – mineral water out of the tap.

    Filter is developed in cooperation with experts from Physical Chemistry Laboratory in famous Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”.


    Optimal pH value of the OMNIA water – guardian of your health and beauty!

    PH value (potential of hydrogen) signifies the level of activity of the hydrogen ions (H+) in the solution. By the pH value scale (from 0 to 14) we determine if a solution is of an acidic or base character. Acidic solutions have a pH value below 7 (pH < 7,0), base solutions have a pH value of over 7 (pH>7,0), and when the value is exactly 7, then we are dealing with a solution of a neutral character.

    Therefore, it is through the pH value of water that we know whether water is acidic or base (alkaline).

    Why is it important whether water is acidic or base?

    Given that our body is slightly alkaline, that is, base, the optimal pH value of food and drinks when it comes to preserving our health is between 7 and 9.

    Taking this into account, it is of crucial significance for keeping the base (alkaline) character of the body, i.e. for the balance of the pH value, to have a sufficient intake of quality WATER. Keeping in mind that acidosis, i.e. the over-acidity of the organism damages the health long-term, causes lower energy levels, slows down the functioning of the organism and causes problems with being over-weight, we need to take care of the pH value of water that we take in – we should exclusively drink WATER that is SLIGHTLY ALKALINE (base).

    Such water (pH value above 7 and at the same time under 9) is, among other things, a cure against aging.

    With its complex system of filtration, the OMNIA AQUA filtration system makes sure the drinking water has the ideal pH value (8) – SLIGHTLY BASE WATER.


    Filter is developed in cooperation with experts from Physical Chemistry Laboratory in famous Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”.

    Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca" is the largest scientific research organization (founded in 1948) in the Republic of Serbia, which operates according to international quality standards.

    Thanks to the multidisciplinary work (physics, chemistry, biology, energy, radiation protection and environmental protection, health and environment, science with accelerators, materials science), the Institute is able to answer the main strategic directions of research: new materials and nanoscience, energy, biomedicine and environmental protection.


    Vladimir Nikolić is a doctor of physical chemistry; after graduating from the Faculty of physical chemistry at Belgrade University in 2005, he had in 2013 acquired a Phd at the same faculty with a thesis called “The influence of wolfram-carbide and carbon carriers of anode catalysts on the characteristics of the PEM fuel unit”. Since January 2008 he is employed at the “Vinča” Nuclear Sciences Institute where he conducts research within the laboratory for physical chemistry. Some of the numerous projects Vladimir had taken part in are:

    • “Hydrogen energy – the development of new materials: electrolytic generation of hydrogen, hydrogen fuel cells”, Ministry for science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia, nr. 172045, 2011-2014.

    • FP7 project “EURECA-Efficient Use of Resources in Energy Converting Applications”, Grant agreement nr.: 303024, FP7 FCH-JU project, 2011-2015.

    • “Lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells – research and development”, Ministry for science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia, nr.45014, 2011-2014.

    • “Hydrogen energy: Generation of hydrogen – fuel cells – Isotope effects“, Ministry for science of the Republic of Serbia, nr. 142067, 2006-2011.

    • “Dietetic mayonnaise based on whey liquid”, Ministry for science and the environment of the Republic of Serbia, innovation projects, register number 8146, 2007.

    Conscious of the significance the optimal ratio of minerals in water has for the health and well-being of the body, people worldwide are ever more increasingly starting to use water purification filters which, like the OMNIA AQUA filter, provide that particular mineral balance.

    Try out our filter yourself and you will get to enjoy the beneficial effects of the OMNIA AQUA FILTER product.

    Multiple system of filtration!

    The filter consists of five layers of different filtration materials, implemented with a foil of gold and silver, carefully combined to achieve the best desired effect. Between the three layers of fiber cloth of microbial material, there is a layer of activated carbon and a layer of a modified clinoptilolite zeolite.

    We are referring to the OMNIA system of filtration where the filtration of tap water begins with it passing first through silver foil, and then through microbiological cloth. After the cloth, water is being purified by activated charcoal, and then again via microbiological fabric. Upon passing through the second layer of cloth, water comes into contact with the specially adapted Zeolit. Afterwards, water passes through the cloth once more (third layer of cloth). At the end of the OMNIA filtration path there is gold foil – the symbol of OMNIA excellence.

  • Silver

    Prevents the spread of germs and microorganisms in the water!

    Silver is metal, non-toxic to the human body and proven to stop the growth of germs and harmful microorganisms. Omnia aqua filters are kept clean of microbes by passing water through the silver foil carefully applied on membrane filter. This construction makes the antimicrobial effect of the filter.

  • Microbial fabric

    Destroys microorganisms and turbity of water!

    Microbial fabric (membrane filter) for water filtration, has permeability of 0.02 μm to 30.00 μmand, is used to prevent the passage of microorganisms, which are further eliminatedwith the micro-film of silver sheet on the upper part of the fabric. Larger particles and contaminants present in the incoming water are also eliminated by the fabric. At the outlet of the filter, fabric prevents the passage of particles of activated carbon and zeolite and thus dispersion of the filtration materials.

  • Activated carbon

    Removes chlorine, heavy metals and organic debris from the water!

    Activated carbon is manufactured from coconut shell and wood. With the latest technology of steam activation cracks and pores are createdin sizes between 30 and 150 Angstrems, resulting in a more than 1000 m2 surface per gram of adsorbent. This activated carbon removes reliably heavy metals, chlorine, and 97% of pharmaceutical products in trace amounts. It is specially designed to remove organic debris from the water and to revive its natural purity. Its application includes water treatment to remove taste, odor and color.

    Absorption characteristics of the activated carbon filtration

    Substances which are well absorbed
    Aromatic solvents benzene, toluene, nitrobenzene
    Chlorinated aromatic compounds polychlorinated biphenyls, chlorobenzene,chloronaphthalene
    Phenols and chlorophenol
    Polynucleararomatic compounds acetonaphthalene,benzo(a)pyrene, etc.
    Herbicides and pesticides DDT, aldrin, chlordane, BHC- chlorinated hydrocarbons, heptachlor, etc.
    Chlorinated non-aromatic compounds carbon-tetrachloride, chloroalkylethers, hexachlorobutadiene, etc.
    Hydrocarbons of high molecular weight dyes, petrol, amines, humic acids
  • Zeolite

    Attracts, absorbs and neutralizes toxic substances and compounds!

    Mineral ceramic filter based on natural granulated zeolite. Zeolite is aluminosilicate mineral, which has micro-porous structure. There are 194 types of zeolite. OMC filter contain zeolite obtained by special thermal activation with over 75% clinoptilolite,with particle size 0,8 / 0,3 mm.

    Zeolites have a crystal lattice structure in the form of a tetrahedron. Zeolite crystals form a maze of channels and pores of different profiles depending on the type of zeolite. Clinoptilolite zeolites are charged negative with160 anions. They have unique properties, such as high cationic exchange capacity. It is the ability of zeolite to its porous molecular structure to attract like a magnet absorbs and then exchange positively charged cation with negative anion. In this way, zeolite selectively absorbs a specific molecule, exchanges its own cations for another cations based on ion selectivity. A small amount of properly activated zeolite has a huge effectiveness. The lack of certain minerals in the body can adversely affect human health. But, the body must not have greater amount of the minerals, because their excessive presence also badly affects the health. The appropriate balance of the minerals is needed in the water we consume. This is much more important issue than concentrations of single mineral components in respective volumes.

  • ‘’CAL-MAG Technology’’

    Provides optimum ratio of calcium and magnesium in the water!

    Calcium is essential to ensure the normal functioning of the body along with magnesium, but only if their ratio is approximately 2:1 , while at the same time , their sum does not exceed 150 mg/l . If one of these two minerals is present in higher concentration, it prevents the absorption of another, and this leads to its deposition in the body. Calcium is a critical for strong bones and teeth and acting on the nervous system, while magnesium is a critical element in the proper functioning of the human organism, especially the cardiovascular.Preferably the magnesium level in drinking water is at least 30 mg per liter.

    For use Omnia filtration system, zeolite is specially modified at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca "to provide an optimal composition of mineral water that passes through the filter.

  • Gold

    Ultimate 24 carat Omnia Excellence!

    OMNIA AQUA filteri koriste listiće čistog 24K zlatana kraju filtracionog puta vode.

    Why Omnia filters use of 24K gold foil at the end of the filtration line?

    It is known that throughout history, gold is revered for its luxury and beauty. At the time of Cleopatra, pure gold was used to maintain youthful looking skin. Historians believed that Cleopatra slept every night with a golden mask. In ancient Rome, gold wraps are used to treat various skin problems. In ancient Chinese medicine gold was kept as essence of youth.

    That's why Omnia motto is health and beauty, a mark of excellence and superiority over other filtration systems.

    *Gold and silver are approved food foils in the European Union, as E175 and E174 additives respectively. The independent European food-safety certification agency, TÜV Rheinland, has deemed gold leaf safe for consumption. These inert precious metal foils are neither considered as toxic to human beings nor broader ecosystem.


    Save the environment!

    Taking into account that OMNIA AQUA filter has a filtration capacity of up to 600 liters of water,
    year-long usage of the OMNIA AQUA FILTER is equivalent to the consumption of up to 1600 1.5 liter water bottles.

    Such an amount of bottles means no less than 80 kg of plastic which, as often happens, ends up in the environment (streams, rivers, seas, soil) as waste.

    The problem with plastic is that, on the one hand, it decomposes slowly, for hundreds of years,
    and on the other hand, because it decomposes in microscopic, poisonous petro-polymers, which, through the soil and water, find their way into the food chain.

    Through the usage of our filter you are contributing to the project of protecting the environment, protection that in plastic sees one of the most common polluters of the ecosystem.

    Protect yourself as well as nature, for “health is beauty” and “beauty is health”.


OMNIA AQUA FILTER is an easily portable device that is simple to install.

Depending on the type of screw thread on the classical tap (inner or outer screw thread), it is necessary, after removing the sieve, to screw on the filter with the inner part (image 1.) or the filter with the outer part (image 2) on the appropriate screw thread.

In case the shaft of the tap is narrow, you need to pull on the rubber of the filter all the way to the end of the tap (image 3).

Upon installing the OMNIA AQUA filter, let the water flow!

The first stream of water will be in the form of dark residue – this is the surplus of the filtration content, which is not harmful to health.

After the first stream, clear mineral water will flow from your tap, that has been enhanced by the OMNIA AQUA filter.

It is recommended that the change of the cartridge in the filter be done at every 400 to 600 liters of water used from the tap (for a family of four, that would amount to around 3 months of usage).

NOTICE: When using the water for other purposes (for example washing of dishes) we recommend you to remove the filter from the screw thread of the tap, in order to avoid needless wear of the filter’s cartridge.
Enjoy the taste of OMNIA AQUA filtered water!
  • H20

    What is water, and what is its purpose?

    WATER is a treasure of the entire natural world – 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. We all know that the chemical formula of pure water is H2O. However, water which we find in nature is rarely in the form of a pure water molecule; the chemical compound H2O is usually mixed with other substances making a solution out of pure water, mineral salts and dirt.

    Water contains neither protein, nor fats, or carbohydrates – it is not food, it doesn’t supply us with raw energy. Water is, on the contrary, the condition sine qua non (the necessary condition) of life. Thanks to water, the organism is able to use the energy present in food.

    Water makes up 60% to 75% of the human organism (65% in adults, 75% in children, and even 94% in the case of three day old embryos). Next to oxygen, water is the most important element of life.

    Functions of water are:

    • Keeping the body temperature constant

    • Supplying the cells of the organism with necessary nutritious substances (vitamins, minerals, salts)

    • Enabling chemical reactions in the cells

    • Keeping the thickness of blood and lymph

    • Enabling the neurological activity of the brain

    • Securing the hydration of the skin

    • Enabling the absorption and transfer of the ingested nutrients

    • Enhancing salivation necessary for the swallowing of food

    • Removing the waste resulting from food digestion and different metabolic processes

    How much water should one drink daily?

    A question that every one of us often asks himself and others.

    In a moderate climate, an average person spends around 2 liters of bodily fluids per day. Out of this, more than 1 liter of fluids the organism loses through urine, while the same amount is being lost through sweat, urine and breathing. Significant losses of water occur during physical activities, in warm weather, during lactation, in the event of sickness, etc.

    The important thing to keep in mind is that each person is different – each of us has a need for water that is dependent on his size, the climate he is living in, and his lifestyle. Therefore, the answer to the aforementioned question is an individual one, and each individual needs to take that into account in looking for the answer to this question.

    What can be said, given the data stated above, is that a person should drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.

    At the same time, the stated amount of 2 liters of water does not include the fluids that are being ingested in the form of soup, juices, tea, coffee, etc. Therefore, we are talking about a minimum of 2 liters of pure water.

    When should one drink water?

    We usually drink water when we feel thirsty, because we believe that our organism knows best when water should be taken in. However, man had long ago lost touch with nature and instincts that direct animals and plants. To the degree that he had lost many of his instincts, man had developed something else, something that made him rise above all other beings. Namely, reason.

    Keeping this in mind, let’s not wait for the signal of the organism – it is already too late when it occurs – rather, let us take in water during the entire day. We should start with reminding ourselves and our beloved ones to drink water in regular time intervals throughout the day. After a certain period of time doing this will turn into a habit.

    In times of increased physical activities, warmer weather, etc., more water should be consumed regardless of whether it is the right moment for the daily dose of water.

    However, are the stated amounts of water and the right time to take it the sufficient condition of our health and beauty?

    Let us ask ourselves, of what quality is the water we are drinking?

    Water pollution is the contamination of water with unwanted substances that can affect our health. During showering, the water that we swallow may have negative effects on our health. Likewise, polluted water coming into contact with our skin, eyes, ears and nose can lead to certain illnesses. Imagine what kind of negative consequences for one’s health may be produced by the daily intake of such water.

    The negative effects of such polluted water are especially noticeable in children and the elderly.

    Sources of pollution are first and foremost industry, farms, homes etc.

    It is important to point out that the pollution of water doesn’t need to be visible to the naked eye. – This is why water that we are drinking might be polluted without us knowing it – for example, bacteria, viruses and parasites are often present in drinking water without us noticing it.

    Two forms of water pollution are:

    • Unstable polluters (easily decomposable): the ones which can be decomposed in substances which are not polluters (compost, industrial waste, sewer water, etc.).

    • Stable polluters (slowly decomposable): the ones which remain in water for years, and cause damage that requires a long process of neutralization (pesticides, oil, oil derivates, and heavy metals like aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium).

    As we have stated already, in drinking water, especially tap water there are bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and disinfectants to be found.



    There are numerous indicators of the quality of drinking water.

    The indicators are usually separated into three groups: physical indicators, chemical indicators and biological indicators.

    Physical indicators

    The following indicators fall under the physical kind: temperature, concentration of solid, suspended and dissolved substances, color, smell, water taste, electro conductivity, blurriness and transparency of water.

    Chemical indicators

    Under chemical indicators we find the following: hardness of water, pH reaction of water, alkalinity and acidity, dissolved oxygen content, the presence of heavy metals, content of macronutrients (various forms of nitrogen and phosphorus), chemical and biochemical consumption of oxygen.

    Biological indicators

    Biological indicators are the microbiological composition of water, and the hydro biological quality of water.


    Three of the most common types of drinking water are tap, bottled and filtered water.


    A large number of people use tap water. However, the problem with tap water is the fact that it is ’hard’ – it contains a significant amount of chlorine, it can contain microorganisms ,organic waste, heavy metals and other substances that are harmful to the human organism.


    An alternative to tap water is bottled water. Bottled water has in the recent years become a trend in this country, as well as worldwide. The witness to this is the high number of domestic and foreign producers of bottled water, as well as statistical data that shows that 40% of world population buys bottled water.

    However, even though its producers present bottled water as both of a significantly higher quality compared to tap water and as the only alternative to it, we need to look the truth in the eyes.

    1) Firstly, there is a real danger for consumers stemming from the inadequate preservation and storage of bottled water in retail shops, where over a period of several months water is kept in plastic while being exposed to high temperatures and sun rays.

    2) Secondly, buying water in large containers or 6-bottle packages you are exposing yourself to carrying a weight that can cause you health problems by putting strain on your back. Furthermore, due to its size, bought water takes up precious space in your home, and afterwards all that plastic, in spite of your intentions, ends up in a dumpsite or in nature. It is not widely known that the amount of plastic packaging being used up in one day is so great that out of it one could create a ring around planet Earth.

    3) Finally, bottled water makes up a significant part of the amount of money being spent on groceries by an average family. Let us suppose that during one day an average person drinks 1,5 to 2 liters of water. Additionally, let us suppose that an average family has 4 members. That sums up to between 6 and 8 liters of water being consumed by an average family per day.

    4) Multiply that with the price of bottled water and you will come up with the amount of money that is being spent on water by an average family every day.


    Therefore, instead of spending money under the influence of marketing, and going out multiple times a day waiting in line so that you could drink ’good water’ and worrying about the way this bottled water had been stored and where its packaging will end up, you could drink mineral water without wasting time and money, and without worrying about the condition the water is in and the dangers to the environment.


    How could one reach water free of chlorine, metals, rust, calcium deposits and other harmful substances? How could one reach water that contains minerals in the ideal ratio, without it being bottled water?

    To do that all you would need to do would be to take an amount of money, buy the OMNIA AQUA filtration system, install it on your water tap and the ’infamous’ tap water will have become your favorite mineral water.

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